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The SilverFox is a programmable automated assay preparation system that automates many of the steps that are performed when preparing assay samples. For many assays, the SilverFox can automate every step in the sample preparation process.

The SilverFox transfers precise sample aliquots from primary sample tubes to sample test tubes. Automatic liquid level detection provides positive assurance that transferred sample volumes are accurate. After transferring the samples, the instrument can pipette reagents into each sample, with positive confirmation of pipetted volumes. The operator then transfers the sample test tubes to the SilverFox's incubation station, and the SilverFox performs the assay's incubation, vortexing and magnetic separation steps, also adding reagents at the incubation station, as required by the assay.

The SilverFox includes a built-in computer with software that makes programming assay preparation simple and easy. An external monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to the SilverFox rear panel. The included software can be used to program and store a complete menu of assays.

MGM Instruments, Inc. is dedicated to providing reasonably priced, quality built, state of the art analytical laboratory instruments to scientists, researchers, clinicians and diagnostic companies. Our instruments are in use all over the world, in cell biology and molecular biology research, in clinical diagnostics, in drug discovery, and in quality control testing. Our Hamden, Connecticut based company has provided instrumentation to thousands of University laboratories, clinical laboratories and to research laboratories at some of the world's best known pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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Need a reasonably priced luminometer with automatic injector capability, built in thermal printer and powerful data analysis software? Consider our Optocomp I, it is very popular with researchers doing reporter gene assays. If you need an automated tube luminometer, with the ability to process 250 samples at a time unattended, then consider our Optocomp II automated luminometer.

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